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Nancy Crystal is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® with a background in Neuromuscular Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Cranial/Sacral Therapies.  Utilizing the Feldenkrais method as the central focus of her sessions, she integrates these additional therapeutic modalities in a process of differentiation that awakens a deep sense of wholeness.

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Personal Statement

My work is co-creative and unique to each individual.

Feldenkrais principals and practice are the center of my work.  I bring to this core orientation a strong background in anatomy and physiology, a refined sense of touch, and an ability to hold presence.  This blends with each persons desired outcome for our time together.

Often, I find that what a person perceives as their "problem"

is simply the body's latest adjustment to a long series of adaptations to life's many challenges and mishaps.  Through movement and touch, we explore together, and patterns and tendencies are revealed.  As we acknowledge and support each adaptation,the brain is able to breakup the separate responses that helped at the time of each challenge but may be limiting full function in the person now.  What comes forth then, is their greater sense of wholeness, balance, wellness, harmony, grace, ease and vitality.


Nancy's work is influenced deeply by her life experience.  The path that she took to this work winds through teaching, counseling, blueberry farming, family, spinning, weaving, entrepenuerial adventures, studies in transformational phychology, and travel around the world.  Three car accidents in the late 1980's gave her an invitation to the "Healers Journey" that she couldn't refuse.  She began studying and practicing in 1990 and has been working her ever deepening, hands, on, "magic" ever since.

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Oregon State Massage program and Licensing

Neuromuscular Therapy Training and National Certification

Four year Feldendrais Practitioner Training with International Certification

Visceral Manipulation
Cranial/Sacral Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage

Guided Self Healing
(two year training in body based
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Reflections about Nancy and her sessions

"Nancy's work defies description, but I can say she is one of those rare gems who synthesizes a number of modalities and can simultaneously access angelic realms with complete grace and confidence.  She makes my body hum as she teases out those hidden places that are resisting harmony, and our work together is like a springboard that allows me to live with greater expansion and awareness.  For me, her work is simply Empowering Bliss!"
Linda Upton, Life Coach, Boston Mass

"There is a purity in Nancy's work that helps me come into authentic balance through an accessing and translation of the sense of my own well being."  Susan Leao, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Montegue, CA

"My experience is that Nancy's healing touch is from a deep knowing from far beyond the physical.  She brings a deep loving awareness to help my own self-healing work." 
db-Ashland, OR

"I've been a health care practioner for 27 years and Nancy Crystal is the best healer I've ever experienced.  She combines a tremendous technical training, which includes many modalities, with a strong spiritual presence that is attuned to each person's needs." 

"Thanks to Nancy Crystal my 71-year-old body is more comfortable, stronger and works better than it has in several years.  I'm grateful for Nancy's high level of skill in working with my physical body but also for her loving and caring attention to my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  I feel comfortable and safe with her on all levels.       
Carlye Runyion, Lake Shastina, CA

" Nancy has the gift of intuitively knowing what needs to be healed, and she shares it through touch.  She knows what my body needs and where to work.  When I get off her table, the energy flows with a new awareness and understanding.  I am greatful to be in her presence."  Terri Herbert, Marine Biologist, Eugene, OR

"Wherever Nancy Crystal goes on my body, it's like she is playing a symphony, and each time I have a session the symphony is different!
Fernando Gomez, Mt. Shasta, CA


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Nancy Crystal

phone:     530-918-9199
email:     info@illuminedtouch.com
mail:    P.O. Box 1354, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067



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